Get to Know The Designer Behind Katy Perry's 'This Is How We Do' Teaser

Something happened to Katy Perry in the midst of her Prismatic tour. In between being on the road and making frequent shopping trips to VFiles, Katy completely overhauled her look with help from some of the young British designers who are shaking up fashion. One of them, Nasir Mazhar—who created the runway outfit Katy wears in the “This Is How We Do” art she teased—is especially responsible for Katy’s new ’90s cyber-rave-girl look. We're talking about her hair style and beauty game too.

Peep The 'This Is How We Do' Cover Art

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Nasir, a Turkish Cypriot now based in London, has a universe of his own. In it, grime is the soundtrack, underground raves are the norm, and baby hairs are just another canvas to project your sense of style. The designer, who rose up through the UK garage scene, is known to use hair as another way to play up his girl gang aesthetic. His models, who include strippers and people he found on the street, wear rat-tail-esque curls, swirled baby hairs, alien eyebrows, and braids similar to the ones Katy wears in the “This is How We Do” art.

Before Katy officially teamed up with Nasir, some had speculated that her baby hair styling was inspired by FKA Twigs. While we can’t know exactly what prompted Katy to experiment with the ’90s trend, it’s possible that she was inspired by Nasir first—and it’s also possible that Nasir was inspired by Twigs. Back in 2012, Nasir and the London R&B upstart worked together on a headpiece that Twigs wore in her “Ache” video, two years before Nasir incorporated Twigs’ now-signature look on his runway.

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Nasir’s music connection runs even deeper than his relationship with Twigs and the grime scene. His clothing has also been favorited by Rihanna, who wore one of his men’s fits after raiding Nicki Minaj’s wig collection, “2 On” singer Tinashe, and even Lady Gaga back in the day—Nasir started out as a milliner and created Gaga’s orbit headgear that she wore while performing on The Ellen Show.

Nasir isn’t the only designer who created a look for Katy’s “This Is How We Do” video. The singer also Instagramed a very different, second image to promote it that has an pop-art theme with Katy wearing a Mondrian-inspired outfit. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long until we see how both outfits fit together—the full video drops today.

Katy Perry's New 'This Is How We Do' Cover Art