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11 Things That Must Happen At Lollapalooza This Weekend

We can dream, can't we?

There's no telling what's going to happen to Lollapalooza this weekend. And that's what's great about the mega-fest by the lake in Chicago: even if you think you know, you have no idea.

So why we can dream can't we? In the spirit of putting it out there and trying to manifest awesomeness, here are 11 things we totally hope happen.

1. Monster Mash

With the clock ticking down to the August 7 open of the Eminem/Rihanna Monster Tour, wouldn't it be amazing if Rih Rih came out and got the party started a week early?

2. Lorde Lets Loose

We get it, Lorde, you're most comfortable in black pants and puffy shirts. But, c'mon, it's summertime. Bust out some cutoffs, or maybe a these awesome velvety shorts?


3. Iggy Goes "Heathers"

She already did "Clueless" in her "Fancy" video, so wouldn't it rule if Iggy Igg came out dressed all Heather Duke?

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4. Nas Hops Up With OutKast

C'mon, we can dream, can't we?

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5. There Will Be Mud

It's supposed to pour on Friday. The fields in front of the main stages are both prone to melting into mud bogs. Like some bros won't totally dive in and try to hug up on you.

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6. One Of The Girls Shows Up

How cool would it be if Kristen Stewart moped out to re-create her track suit magic from Jenny Lewis' "Just One of the Guys" video?

7. Horseplay

You know someone is going to show up wearing a horse head.

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8. Unicorn Too-Nicorn

And a unicorn, because of course.

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9. Skrillex Goes Formal

You know what would really mess with people's heads? If Mr. Black t-shirt and jeans all-day-every-day traded up and came out in a three-piece Brooks Brothers number. You're headlining, bro, suit up.

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10. Get In Line

How much would it rule if Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue ended their set by running a second line right off stage and through the festival grounds?

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11. Chance The Rapper Busts Out The Purple

Considering that he broke out a reggaeton version of the theme song from the kid's show "Arthur" at a festival back in May, is it too much to ask for hometown hero Chance to drop a calypso take on the "Barney and Friends" song?

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