Quidditch Actually Exists: Watch This 'Mudbloods' Trailer For Proof

The World Cup is getting a documentary- The Quidditch World Cup that is.

Quidditch has gone from "Harry Potter" folklore to a real-life game for Muggles, allowing non-wizard fans to don brooms, chase Snitches and throw Quaffles. Don't believe us? Watch the trailer for the “Mudbloods” documentary, which shines light on the underground sport and follows the UCLA Quidditch league as they train for the Fifth Annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City.

Though the game -- created in 2005 by students at Middlebury College in Vermont -- doesn’t involve actual flying Firebolts, players must throw Quaffles, dodge Bludgers and chase a human Snitch all while holding a household broom between their legs. The doc, directed by former UCLA student Farzad Sangari, addresses the many confusions and reactions to the full-on contact sport.

"You get two questions: How does the Snitch work, and how do you fly?" says one player.

The Kickstarter funded doc also depicts how passionate the athletes are and how fierce the competition is.

“It’s really a physical sport, like rugby or football,” one player explains. The team is out to prove they should be taken seriously.

“We want to compete, and we want to show you that this is real,” another player declares.

Oliver Wood would be proud.

The film, which premiered in June at the AFI DOCS festival, is set to release on-demand and to select theaters in October.