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Lil B Has A Message For The World: 'No Black Person Is Ugly'

Thank you Based God.

If you've listened to Lil B's songs or followed him on Twitter, you know the California native is big on love and positivity. Take for instance, a couple of recent tweets:

On Wednesday (July 30), he put that theme to music, with the release of a new video, "No Black Person Is Ugly." And the track is about exactly what you'd think, based on that title -- with dozens of images of faces, young and old, shown throughout the video.

"I'm sorta like a Panther," he raps at one point, referencing the Black Panthers, and later sprinkling lines about stereotypes: "Black people not showed in the media/ I was told, if you got an afro, or you got a big nose/ That your lips are too big, you're talking low."

But it's not just that "no black person is ugly." There are also other moments meant to generally uplift ("Life is amazing," he raps); and to combat sexual violence ("Stand up against rape/ No means no"); and champion world peace ("Hands up for peace on the streets").

This is yet another reminder of why people have been known to scream "Thank you Based God" from all corners of the earth.