You're Really Gonna Hate This 'Freakin' New Janoskians Song

JK! Those are just the lyrics!

Aussie Internet bad boys the Janoskians are back again with their DGAF attitude and a catchy AF hook on their brand-new track and video, "This Freakin Song," which dropped Wednesday (July 30).

In the video, the guys take on a b-boy dance crew, teasing their opponents with their patented moves. And although some may disagree, the Janoskians totally school the other crew.

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Jai, Luke, Daniel, James and Beau worked with Mike Posner to write the song (there's also an NSFW version, entitled "This F**kin Song"), which portrays them as vengeful dudes who'll get back at the girl who rejected them by getting famous with "this freakin song." And guess what? It worked!

"I wrote this melody/ You're trying not to sing along/ You gon' hate this freakin' song," they sing on the catchy tune.

Watch the Janoskians' video, and tell us what you think. Hate, or nah?