Everyone You Currently Love In Hollywood Is In These ‘Into The Woods’ Photos

Meryl! Anna! Johnny! Fairy tales! Ahhhh!

Oh, it’s a good day for fans of musicals and fairy tales, innit? Because we’ve finally, at long last, received the gift that keeps on giving (until the whole thing hits theaters, natch): a bevy of photos from the Disney/Sondheim juggernaut, “Into The Woods.” It’s slated to feature some of your favorite stars singing their way through some of the oldest tales of love and fantastical hardship to conquer evil with a bevy of good. And, oh yeah, it looks totally atmospheric in the most exciting of ways.

The film, which opens on Christmas Day and has sent Anna Kendrick into several sorts of tizzies, is the tale of four characters from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale world, wishin’ and hopin’ and schemin’ and plottin’ to get exactly what it is that they want, with unlikely consequences. It also features a rapping witch played by Queen Meryl of the Streeps herself, so, y’know. It’s going to be a doozy.

Disney released some photos today and we’re going to just leave them here for you. Because we care. And also because we’re committed to staying sort of excited and optimistic about the prospect of this film regardless of all the alleged plot changes that have taken place to bring it all to the screen.

Because I mean LOOK AT IT. So pretty, so shiny. You want it — admit it!

Peter Mountain. © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Meryl. Menacing Meryl!

Peter Mountain © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
And there’s that beanstalker and his mom (played by Tracy Ullman).

Peter Mountain © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Anna Kendrick’s take on Cinderella looks less-than-enthused to be on silver-polishing duty.

Peter Mountain.© 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Though Chris Pine as Prince Charming was never really going to be a stretch, was it?

Peter Mountain © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
To say we’re obsessed with Cindy’s trio of evil stepsisters and stepmom would be an understatement. (Anything with Christine Baranski. Anything.)

Peter Mountain © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Emily Blunt and James Corden seem harmless enough — albeit antsy about their childlessness — yeah?

Peter Mountain © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Little Red Riding Hood is not taking any of the baker’s crap, though.

Peter Mountain © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Rapunzel’s prince! So dreamy.

Peter Mountain © 2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
And Rapunzel herself has some seriously enviable locks (no surprise there though, right?)

©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Rounding out the lot is a mere peek at Johnny Depp’s Big Bad Wolf but, hey, we’ll take it!

Into The Woods hits theaters December 25, 2014.

Too much exuberance for one person.