Did This High School Senior Just Solve Hot Car Child Deaths?

The Hot Seat could help save lives.

Alissa Chavez may have just come up with a solution to a new parent's biggest nightmare: leaving their child in a hot car. The idea for the Hot Seat device came to the Albuquerque, New Mexico, El Dorado High School senior when she was in eighth grade as part of a science fair project.

"It's loud enough to grab people's attention around the vehicle, as well as remind the parent on their key fob or their cell phone," Chavez told NBC affiliate KOB.com after receiving recognition from the mayor of Albuquerque for the gadget she's trying to get funding for. The best part? It's so easy most parents won't even have to think twice about it once they install Hot Seat in their cars.

A yellow pad placed underneath the car seat is remotely connected to a key fob, an alarm and a smartphone app that sets off a piercing noise if the parent walks more than 40 feet away from the car, alerting them to the potential danger. So far this year, at least 18 children have died after being left in hot cars, which is nearly half the average of 30-50 deaths per year.

Check out this demo of Alissa's invention.