Play 'More Beyonce,' And Wave Goodbye To Your Social Life (Because It's THAT Addictive)

Cover the world in Beyonces.

Stop everything, BeyHive, because we've finally found an activity that's actually worth your Beyoncé-obsessed time. (Obviously it's Beyoncé-related, because why would we ever suggest you spend your time doing something not Beyoncé-related?)

Presenting "More Beyoncé," the game that lets you literally make it rain Beyoncés.

Play "More Beyoncé" at!

There's no end point, it requires no skill (beyond "clicking" and "loving Beyoncé"), and there's nothing to win except the satisfaction of covering the world in Beys, which means that you can set your own personal goals for every round. Wanna clear 1,000 Beys? GO DO IT. Does today deserve 100,000,000 replicas of the VMA nominee? MAKE IT SO. Say goodbye to your social, personal, and professional lives, and get to playing.

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