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The 11 Best Twitter Reactions To The 'Times' Calling Beyonce 'Not A Fashion Icon'

We'll admit that it takes some serious moxie to publish an article called "Beyonce, Superstar but Not a Fashion Icon"—especially when it's for The New York Times. Writer Vanessa Friedman posted the piece yesterday, arguing that Beyonce hasn't influenced the fashion world like other mega stars (see: Rihanna, who won a CFDA Award this year), single-handedly started a mass trend (see: Madonna's '80s lace and crosses), or sells out clothes almost instantly (see: Kanye West for APC). In fact, Vanessa says Beyonce's House of Dereon fashion brand is now (seemingly) defunct.

She continued, "Despite all the accolades that Beyonce has garnered—most powerful celebrity in the world, according to Forbes; No. 1 on People’s Most Beautiful list; the artist behind the fastest selling iTunes album ever; a global juggernaut; subject of her own documentary—the one she does not seem to actually merit is 'fashion icon.'"

Almost instantly after the article hit the web, the internet expressed their choice feelings about this grandiose statement, and it only seemed fair to share all sides of the story. Check out some of the best Bey tweets below, and Vanessa, let's just hope The Beygency doesn't find out about this.