Vin Diesel Saying 'I Am Groot' In Mandarin Is The Best Thing In The World

Groot is great in any language.

Vin Diesel only says a variation of one line as an alien talking tree in "Guardians of the Galaxy," but man, he says the hell out of it.

Making an appearance on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday, Diesel revealed to Jimmy Fallon that his role as Groot required both emotional and international breadth, as he had to deliver his line ("I am Groot") in several different languages, in preparation for the film's worldwide release.

And would Vin be willing to demonstrate his line in French, Spanish and Mandarin? Of course he would! And after watching it, let's just say that if there were a spin-off film in the works that was nothing but a straight two hours of Vin Diesel saying "I am Groot" in Mandarin, we would totally watch that.