6 Most Exciting First Pitches From Baseball In Asia

You think the first pitches are crazy in America? You should see how it goes down in Japan and South Korea.

Baseball may traditionally be America's pastime -- even 105-year-old grandmas and RoboCop throw a first pitch sometimes -- but it has turned into a truly global game. Check out these funny, crazy, sexy and awesome first pitches from Asia for proof.

1. Plate-Smashing Pitch

The definition of a heads up play.

2. Yoga Striptease Strike

Namaste indeed!

3. "The Ring" Ghost

First pitcher to appreciate some boos (I'm sorry).

4. Gymnast Toes The Rubber

Even the Russian judges would give that a 10.

5. Taekwondo Throw

Rare time when an audible gasp from a first pitch is a good thing.

6. Mariah Carey

Well, the excitement was high, even if the pitch was low. Mariah left a lasting impression on her Tokyo fans.