Wait, Did Orlando Bloom Take A Swing At Justin Bieber?

Whoa, settle down.

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber reportedly got into a shoving match at a bar in Ibiza early Wednesday (July 30) morning.

Two eyewitnesses told TMZ that the two were at Cipriani restaurant when Bloom took a swing at Bieber. The site also obtained a video shot by an eyewitness that was reportedly taken directly after Bloom swung, but the footage is too grainy to verify that it’s them.

In the video, the man TMZ claims to be Bieber is seen yelling at Bloom before his entourage comes between them. According to the eyewitnesses, the crowd applauded when the 20-year-old “Boyfriend” singer left the restaurant.

In a clearer video posted by TMZ on Wednesday morning that purports to show the altercation, it appears that Bloom delivers a shove to the side of Bieber’s face before a third party steps in and separates the pair.

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