This New 'Bolt' App Is Like Instagram Meets Snapchat

New app will allow for 'one-tap' photo and video messaging.

Watch out Snapchat, Instagram is coming for you.

According to TechCrunch, the popular mobile photo-sharing application unveiled its “one tap” messaging app called “Bolt” Tuesday (July 29). The app will deliver speedy video and photo messaging to one friend or family member at a time for iOS and Android.

Right now, the app is only available to Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand.The company plans to work out the kinks before releasing Bolt worldwide, which includes the United States.

With Bolt, users sign up with their phone number -- no Facebook or Instagram account is required. The app then absorbs the user’s phone contacts so that users can select and pull contacts into a favorites list.

The accompanying Bolt camera doesn’t have a standard shutter button. Instead, the faces of the user’s friends are shown as a scrollable row across the bottom of the screen. In other words, your buddy's face is the shutter button.

One tap of a friend’s avatar instantly sends them a photo. Tap and hold to send a video.

The photos and videos are easily deleted with one swipe. Users with second thoughts can also shake their phone if they want to "unsend" or retract a particular photo or video within the first few seconds of sending a Bolt.

Currently, Snapchat allows users to snap a photo or video and add a caption. Bolt will allow a similar feature where users can switch to selfie mode, turn on a flash and overlay big white text on their photos or videos.