First-Ever Project Pabst Music Festival Coming To Portland

Modest Mouse and Tears for Fears will headline the inaugural festival.

Guys, the dream of the '90s really is alive in Portland.

Here's proof: Modest Mouse and Tears for Fears are both confirmed headliners for the first-ever Project Pabst music festival in the land of vegan strip clubs. Pabst Brewing Company, the makers of PBR, announced the inaugural music festival on Tuesday (July 29). On their website -- in the section that urges you to "Be a Part of the Dream," I'd like to point out -- the company writes, "Our love letter to Portland has been written in the stars for sometime now, and this September we're on our way to deliver the message first hand."

The festival, which is 21 and up, is divided into outdoor daytime shows and nighttime shows at various venues around Portland from September 26 to September 28. In addition to Modest Mouse and Tears for Fears, GZA, the Violent Femmes and Phosphorescent are among the big names for the outdoor shows.

See the full lineup at Project Pabst's website. Tickets are on sale now. Day prices are currently $25, while a weekend pass is $60.