The Wytches Are The Band You Need In Your Life If You Like To Cry-Dance

Dance and cry. Cry and dance.

I’m standing with two-thirds of the band The Wytches in a metaphysical boutique in front of some very anatomically correct candles when lead singer Kristian Bell tells me that occult stuff actually makes him kind of uncomfortable.

The shop’s resident cat, a giant thing named Will, leaps on a pile of books about sex magic then and bassist Daniel Rumsey gives him a pet — and I am secretly relieved that the tarot reader on call is not available to do a reading for the guys, as I have obviously misjudged where the Brighton-based band’s interests lie.

Sure, fans have gifted the guys with crystals and gemstones in the past, convinced that they’re into witchcraft, but the only Voodoo the dudes are really keen on are donuts from the famous shop in Portland, Oregon, which tourmates METZ and Cloud Nothings piled on Bell when he was taking a nap one day.

Bell’s assertion comes as kind of a shock, however, to this humble reporter, as the band’s upcoming debut LP, Annabel Dream Reader, is replete with references to pendulums, gravedwellers and, most terrifyingly, crying clowns — but it’s a darkness, it turns out, that the band tempers with self-awareness and humor.

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