George Miller Teases 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Details

On the road again: now with more badassery!

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

After blowing everyone and their mother away with one kickass bit of teaser footage at San Diego Comic-Con, George Miller, the "Mad Max: Fury Road" creator is finally opening up a bit about his latest. As it turns out? Fans of killer chase scenes: meet your opus.

With Tom Hardy picking up the reins from the original Mad Max, Mel Gibson, and the cooler-than-ever Charlize Theron hopping aboard the Wasteland rig, Miller explained it to MTV as such: "It's about a 110-minute chase, in which we get to know the characters and their backstory as they go."

So, is it like any of the previous sequels? "In that way it's much more like 'Mad Max 2,'" Miller explained. "It's virtually all daylight."

Lest you believe this one to pick up any sort of chronology — don't. Miller isn't interested in anything other than dissecting this world and its many iterations. "In my mind it's a revisit about 45 years from next Wednesday, where all the bad things in the news happen at once and we end up in an apocalypse."