Hilary Duff Is The Worst Employee Ever In These Hilarious 'Chasing The Sun' GIFs

Watch Hil get herself into all sorts of trouble.

Hilary Duff newest video for "Chasing the Sun" is nothing short of hil-arious. In the clip, she wonders why she rushes to her boring office job, just to hang out with her hamster and sit in a windowless cubicle. But when she starts dreaming of the beach, she takes things a little far, imagining her creepy co-worker as a sunblock-slathering hottie and her boardroom as the ocean.

Things go from clumsy to embarrassing to just plain bad in the video, so check out why Hilary Duff is the worst employee these GIFs below!

Hilary is always late to her dead-end job

She sometimes runs into walls

Oof. That was embarrassing.

Don't worry, Hil. No one saw...

She drinks at work.

Pay attention, girl! Blech!

She completely dazes off.

And uses her hamster for a volleyball.

Poor hamster.

And then she splashes everyone with water during a meeting!


It's no wonder she got fired.

See why Hilary is better off on the beach in the "Chasing the Sun" video: