MissGlamorazzi Shares Her Back-To-School Beauty Tips With Us

In case you weren't aware, today is National Lipstick Day, and to celebrate, COVERGIRL announced its first "Glambassador"—YouTube star MissGlamorazzi, aka Ingrid Nilsen, and we got to talk to her all about it.

Throughout the upcoming year, Ingrid will be joining COVERGIRL for videos on upcoming trends, beauty tutorials, and inspiration, and she gave us the deets on her favorite lipstick, back-to-school beauty tips, and a ton more while at a meet-and-greet in L.A. this morning. Here are some of the best beauty takeaways straight from Ingrid herself:

Go for red lips in the fall.

Ingrid told us that she loves red lips, especially when the weather gets slightly colder. The two shades she buys over and over? COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lip Color in Flame and Hot Passion.


Choose your lipstick color based on your mood.

Ingrid revealed that she picks her daily shade based on her mood. In the fall and winter she's all about reds and berries; in the spring she's very into bright colors; and in the summer she prefers corals.

Do not be afraid to experiment with beauty trends.

For back-to-school, Ingrid endorsed experimentation. She's partial to colorful eyeliner and playing around with different looks because "at the end of the day, you can take the makeup off."

When running late, dedicate your precious time to your eyes.

Oversleeping is a total possibility (and reality, LBR) when you're waking up early every day, so when we asked Ingrid what to do when the minutes are limited, she told us she's all about curling her lashes and applying lengthening mascara like COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Extensions LashBlast Mascara. "The eyes transform you," she said. "Giving them attention turns me from a zombie to a human."


Bring baby wipes with you to school.

This is why Ingrid is a YouTube sensation, and we're not: She suggested carrying baby wipes to school as a quick way to refresh after gym class. They're perfect for cooling down and, as she put it, "not stinking up the entire room." Is this the best back-to-school tip of all time? It just might be.

Throw your hair into a braid after gym.

After you take a fake shower with baby wipes, you'll have the perfect hair texture for a braid. Ingrid explained she's partial to a simple side braid since post-gym hair tends to be gritty and textured, and will hold well.

If you're an aspiring vlogger, stick with it.

Considering her 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, we knew Ingrid was the perfect person to ask about the key(s) to being a successful vlogger. She encouraged passion, "patience, not expectations," and, of course, a love for what you do.

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