Watch Charlie Hunnam Get Rubbed Down Instead Of Attending Comic-Con

Get in there, Mark Boone Junior.

Oh, "Sons of Anarchy," you cheeky devils, you. The FX series managed to hop off their Harleys for a few to answer questions on a panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but there was one noticeably absent member of the crew — Charlie Hunnam. In his stead appeared this video of the actor getting a nice lil rubdown by his costars Mark "Bobby Munson" Boone Junior, Tommy "Chibs Telford" Flanagan, and Kim "Tig" Coates — "for the future and the safety of America."

Really it's all just an excuse to strip the woulda-been Christian Grey down to nothing and give (at least some of) the people what they want: a nearly-naked attractive fella doing something silly and intimate with his unlikeliest costars. Oh hi, hello, you.

The FX series — which begins its seventh and final season this September 9th — has been really pulling out all of the most confounding and/or bizarrely exciting stops as of late, what with the casting of "Glee" star Lea Michele in a role and that new footage they released at the panel. (To say nothing of that Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson news.)

Oh, yeah: feel free to watch this video on a loop if you must. September is still a ways away, yet.