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Charles Barkley Vs. Tiger Woods And 9 More Celebrity Brovorces

Sometimes bromances just don't work out. Check out these famous male friendships that basically ended in brovorce court.

It’s official: former NBA star Charles Barkley and golfer Tiger Woods have officially split as buddies. The former friends had a lovely golf-themed bromance for years, but Barkley just told Philadelphia's 97.5 FM, "We're not friends anymore. ... Even when [Tiger] was a friend of mine, he wasn’t a very sociable guy. He just had a one-track mind. He just wanted to break Jack Nicklaus' record."

Maybe Tiger made fun of Barkley’s legendarily bad golf swing. Maybe Barkley told Tiger that he looks dumb in red. Either way, it’s a brovorce. And they're not the first famous guys to call it quits...

1. Jay Z & R. Kelly

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Jay Z may be in the news for all those rumors about his marriage, but Jay is no stranger to heartbreak. He and R. Kelly went from touring together to beefing over the course of one crazy summer. The 2004 tour derailed over Kelly’s "personal issues," the two publicly feuded and have been enemies ever since.

2. Bill Murray & Harold Ramis

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With all the urban legends and sightings surrounding Bill Murray, the actor is like a cuddly Sasquatch. But Murray had a major falling out with his "Ghostbusters" costar, the late Harold Ramis. They disagreed over the direction for "Groundhog Day," and didn't speak for a couple decades -- but it seems they made up at the very end. After Ramis died, Murray said, "He earned his keep on this planet. God bless him.”

3. George Clooney & David O. Russell

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At first, it seemed like a match made in heaven. They collaborated on "Three Kings," which earned rave reviews and a good amount of money. But soon after, rumors broke out that the two had physically fought on set. Clooney confirmed it, and vowed to never work with Russell again. Now, years later, Clooney claims the two have mended their relationship, but with Russell's notorious temper, who knows if they'll work together again.

4. Alex Rodriguez & Derek Jeter

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The two shortstops were besties as young ballplayers, A-Rod with the Mariners and later Rangers, and Jeter with the Yankees. But once they actually were on the same team, things changed. A-Rod's trade to NY involved some awkward tension over who would get to play short, and once A-Rod's diva behavior (and steroid use) increased, the two grew distant. With Jeter retiring after this season, it's unlikely these two will spend much time together away from the clubhouse.

5. Rob Kardashian & Lamar Odom

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Rob apparently confronted Lamar about the former NBA star's cheating ways, and that led to a falling out. It's impossible to keep track of various Kardashian beefs these days, but rumors suggest Rob and Lamar could be heading toward reconciliation.

6. 50 Cent & The Game & Young Buck

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Hip-hop crews preach love and loyalty all the time -- in a way, they're the ultimate bromances. But 50 Cent loves beefing with friends as much as he likes making them. His G-Unit crew used to include LA rapper The Game and Tennessee rapper Young Buck, and the three would go to bat for each other on diss tracks seemingly every month. But G-Unit broke down, and Game and Buck flipped on Fif, which led to...even more diss tracks. Buck is now back in G-Unit after a six-year absence, though The Game still isn't happy with his former buddy.

7. 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather

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As for 50 Cent's other bromance with Money Mayweather, after appearing together nonstop for years, the rapper and boxer have publicly split, and 50 has spent his time teasing Mayweather for losing his ex to rapper Nelly. May says he still loves Fif, but disses him every chance he gets.

8. Kobe Bryant & Shaq

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From winning NBA titles to dropping dimes on each other, this was a big brovorce. Despite all the winning, Kobe and Shaq went from teammates to icy enemies, and finally split on the court. Things only got worse: when Kobe was arrested, he told police that Shaq cheated on his wife all the time. Shaq dissed Kobe in an impromptu rap track, and it's been generally awkward between these two legends for about a decade.

9. John Lennon & Paul McCartney

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The greatest band in the history of music split because these two former friends decided they couldn't stand each other anymore. Lennon and McCartney started The Beatles together, but by 1969 they just wanted to get away from each other.

Many fans unfairly blame the breakup on Lennon's wife Yoko Ono, but this was a straight up brovorce. Reconciliations were rumored here and there, and they considered reuniting, but it sadly wasn't to be. Remember, guys: It's never too late to patch things up with your best bro, until it is.

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