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Lucy Hale Soaks Up Grand Ole Opry Vibes In Her 'Lie A Little Better' Video

Truth is, Lucy looks just right on the Opry stage.

When Lucy Hale opted to leave behind the red cloaks and creepy text messages of "Pretty Little Liars" for a career in country music, we couldn't have been more thrilled! Because the girl can SANG, as evidenced by the fact that she's had no trouble sliding right into a sound that's somewhere between country classics like Martina McBride and Taylor Swift's country-pop influence, on her debut album Road Between, which came out in June.

And today, the thrill continues when the country star released the video for her head-over-heels love song, "Lie A Little Better."

In the clip, Lucy and her friends are still soaking up the historic vibes of Nashville mainstay The Grand Ole Opry. But with the spotlights dimmed and the auditorium empty, they also find time to ride around on gear and goof off. Still, Lucy owns the stage with just as much poise as when the house was packed.

Following up her album's release, Lucy proudly made her own Opry debut a few weeks after her record came out. She shared on Twitter that it was one of the best nights, so it's no wonder she wanted to relive the moment in video for her second single.

CMT recently named Hale in their CMT Next Women Of Country series, and fans can watch for the launch of a four-part webisode series called “The Road Between With Lucy Hale” on Wednesday, July 30th.

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