If JR Bourne Had To Be Stranded On A Deserted Island With One 'Teen Wolf' Co-Star, He'd Choose...

The man behind Chris Argent says his preferred castaway is definitely 'someone you could share a coconut with.'

Not long ago, Chris Argent held a gun to Scott McCall's head and warned the werewolf to stay away from his family, lest the teen suffer the consequences. Odd, because the actor behind the hunter would prefer "Teen Wolf" co-star Tyler Posey, who plays McCall, over anyone else as company on a deserted island.

Morgan Evans recently sat down with Bourne during the latest edition of the "Teen Wolf After After Show," and between answering questions about Bourne's email password and if he'd consider biting a light bulb (still wouldn't be the weirdest diet we've ever heard of...), he said he wouldn't hate washing up on shore with Posey by his side.

"I think he'd keep me entertained," Bourne says in the clip. "He's musical, he's got a big heart, funny...you could share a coconut with him."

Bourne adds he'd have no qualms eating Posey if times got tough, but we'll spare you the details...

Check out the full interview for Bourne's take on how far Argent and McCall have come (but why he's not so excited about the return of Kate), and be sure to tune in to the next new "Teen Wolf" episode Monday night at 10/9c!

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