This Batkid Documentary Trailer Will Make You Feel Again

Superhero/cancer survivor Miles Scott is back and bat-er than ever.

Much like a green juice, we find a good cry cleansing. Unlike a green juice, tears come for free. So when it comes to our Tuesday morning soul scrub-down, we're taking this "Batkid Begins" documentary trailer and running with it, tears a-streaming.

Late last year, 5-year-old leukemia survivor Miles Scott captured our attention and our hearts for an afternoon when he fulfilled his heart's dearest wish: Becoming Batman. For real. Through the extensive efforts of the Bay Area chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miles spent a day fighting crime in Gotham City, a.k.a. San Francisco. He saved a damsel in distress, foiled the Riddler -- you know, the usual.

Now, because our tear ducts needed a workout, there's a documentary about how all this came about, as well as Miles' non-Bat life. There's an indiegogo campaign set up to pay for post-production and distribution of the film, as well as sweet extras like aerial shots and amazing music.

Check out the trailer above and decide exactly how much your tears are worth. Not to mention, there are some sweet donation incentives involved.