'Once Upon A Time' Casts Two More 'Frozen' Characters

The cast of the series' coldest storyline keeps growing, but still no Olaf.

We've already seen a peek at what's in store when "Frozen" meets "Once Upon a Time" on the show's upcoming season, and now two more key cast members have found their place in the storyline. According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Rhys-Davies and Tyler Jacob Moore are now on board as Pabbie the Troll King and Prince Hans, respectively.

For the uninitiated, i.e. those who have only recently woken up from a year-long coma and haven't seen "Frozen" yet, Pabbie is a magic beastie who possesses pertinent information about the powers of Elsa, the misunderstood Snow Queen. Prince Hans is a character who will probably be introduced early on as a potential suitor for Elsa's little sister, Anna, as the pair discovers they have an uncanny ability to finish each other's...sandwiches.

For Rhys-Davies, this will be a return to the familiar territory of playing a fairytale creature; the actor is best known for his role as Gimli in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, although this time only his voice will get a workout (The on-screen Pabbie will be a CG animated character.) Moore, on the other hand, has made his name mostly in grittier TV roles, most notably in a recurring spot on "Shameless." Think he'll enjoy his foray into fantasy-land?