After Mass Hospitalizations At Keith Urban Show, Kaskade Defends EDM Festival Scene

EDM veteran insists there's no relationship between drugs/alcohol and electronic music after multiple arrests and medical incidents at country music show.

After more than 50 arrests and 46 medical incidents at a Saturday stop on Keith Urban's Raise'Em Up Tour, electronic producer Kaskade took the time to point out a double-standard surrounding country music concerts and media coverage of the EDM festival scene.

According to The Boston Herald, there were 22 alcohol-related hospitalizations at Saturday's Raise'Em Up show, which saw eight ambulances being called to the city's Xfinity Center by 10:30 p.m.

In June, Boston was in the news for a similar incident, this time at an Avicii show where around 40 dance music fans were hospitalized. During its rise in popularity, EDM, or electronic dance music, has been on the receiving end of lot criticism surrounding the number of concertgoers partying to excess but DJs, producers and fans of the genre insist there's no correlation between drug and alcohol abuse and electronic music -- particularly Kaskade.

That's why he took to Twitter this weekend to point out that these kind of incidents can and do happen anywhere -- and at any type of show.

He quickly followed with a link to a blog post he wrote almost a year ago in response to the LA Times on the same subject.

Keith Urban has yet to comment on Saturday's incident.