Radhika Marya

Grimes Got Really Excited About Meeting George R.R. Martin -- Now Let's Get Her On 'GOT'

[Insert joke about dragons here.]

Grimes was totally on "Game Of Thrones" last weekend -- or, on a throne, rather, that appears on "Game Of Thrones." Sorry, the first assertion was our own wishful thinking.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Grimes tweeted that she met "GOT" author George R.R. Martin and shared several photos on Instagram in which she posed with costumes from the series, as well as perched on the Iron Throne with her boyfriend, James Brooks (see above).

She's apparently a massive fan of the show, so this was probably one of those "life event" things that people are always posting on Facebook for Ms. Boucher.

Her euphoria, however, was slightly deflated by fans, who were apparently ragging on her oh-so-#normcore ensemble of socks and sandals. She took a second out of fangirling to assert: "yall can hate on my socks and sandals, i see it -- but i assure you i am 100% comfortable at all times and i wouldn't have it any other way."

Would you kick out of those Adidas shower sandals, Claire, if Martin and Co. called on you to guest star on "GOT" season... however long this thing lasts? It's a wholly possible occurrence, as Sigur Rós, among others, have previously appeared on the show.

Plus, you already have the Queen of the Dragons hair on lock.

Let's make this happen, guys. Have Martin's people call the fairies that carry Grimes' synths.