Comicbookgirl19 Wraps Up San Diego Comic-Con

YouTube celeb details what went on during her big SDCC trip.

By Comicbookgirl19

Coming to San Diego Comic Con is one of the craziest Pop-Culture experiences you can have. This convention takes on it's own unique life every year, it's like living in a giant battery, and it seriously takes me a few days to get back to normal after it's all over.

This year I leveled up to a new dimension in "con-going" by being asked to participate in MTVu's first-ever Fandom Awards. Thursday was all about running around with them and showing them some of my favorite corners of the convention floor. We chatted up publishers, peeped on some super neat movie props and costumes, caught up with my friends and danced with Robot. The highlight of the day was meeting my viewers, taking pics with them, and signing autographs on comics that they heard about on my show.

The 2014 cosplay turn-out was out of control. I kept taking field trips from my booth with Danger Factory T-Shirts just to see all the amazing costumes made by talented fans.

After a successful day one, I hit up the biggest party in town: MTV'S Fan Fest! There were carnival rides, live music, a weird looking clown, free undies, and the big Fandom Awards show at the center of it all. It was tons of fun.

My schedule was non-stop for the rest of the weekend. On Friday I performed a live show on stage at Nerd HQ. Later that evening, I attended the Eisner Awards and after the show I got to chat up some of favorite artists and writers. On Saturday, I met one of my all time favorite authors, Grant Morrison, and then right after I did 5-minute sketches of fans, hit up an awesome Game of Thrones beer tapping party (with Oberyn Martell, Pedro Pascal, doing the honors) and later that night I cheered and clapped along at the Ninja Sex Party concert.

Sunday I got the opportunity to interview the Mexican artist José Ladrönn and it was so empowering to hear him talk about his life as an artist and his inspirations. And last but not least, I got to cosplay as my favorite white trash zombie. Then, before I knew it, it was over. What a blur. Such a rush. For reals.

Until next year,

-Comic Book Girl 19