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Zayn Malik Steps Into Israeli-Palestinian Conflict With #FreePalestine Tweet

One Direction singer has fans divided.

A week after Rihanna clarified her stance on peace in the Middle East after backlash from a tweet that included the #FreePalestine hashtag -- reportedly sent by mistake -- One Direction's Zayn Malik has waded into the controversy as well.

At press time, the 1D singer's comment had been retweeted (and favorited) more than 150,000 times.

Some Fans Were Offended By Zayn's Tweet

Others Expressed Support For His Views

And Some Wondered Why Directioners Can't Just Get Along

To date, the latest battle between Israel and Hamas -- the militant Palestinian organization that is a dominant force in neighboring Gaza -- has resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 Palestinians and 46 Israeli soldiers. There's currently an (uneasy) ceasefire between the two sides as international negotiators attempt to negotiate a more permanent solution.

Unlike Rihanna, Zayn, who has 13 million Twitter followers, has not taken down his tweet, nor has he commented on the backlash, which has included some threats of violence against the singer, according to British reports.