Maisie Williams Wears A Dress Made Out Of Comics To Comic-Con

Game of Thrones fan-favorite Maisie Williams showed up to Entertainment Weekly's annual Comic-Con party in San Diego wearing what? Comics, naturally. And while I'm certain that the dress code wasn't "nerd formal," it's a cute, clever look from the youngest Stark daughter.


This isn't the first time that Maisie has worn her graphic novel gown. She wore the mixed media Ryan Jude Novelline-designed dress earlier this year while judging the the Out of Print fashion show at Bookbarn International. The dress entitled "Zam!" (seriously, how perfect) is composed out of images from Marvel’s X-Men, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and Takeuchi Naoko’s "Sailor Moon," and topped off a decoupaged leather belt made from pages of the Game of Thrones novels, and loads of fringe.

Wearing comics at Comic-Con—it doesn't get much more #META than that, eh?

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