Snatch A Vintage Dress Signed (And Worn!) By Lana Del Rey

Sure, you can throw on a flower crown and baby-doll dress to try and cop Lana Del Rey’s style, but getting her exact look is a whole other story. Unless you have access to her closet (in which case *prayer hands emoji*), you're not going to find any of Lana's one-of-a-kind vintage pieces in stores. Luckily—thanks to her style-conscious fans' pleas—she has decided to put one of her dresses up for sale on eBay, which means, yes, us normies will finally have a chance to own one of her onstage ensembles.

The chosen dress is one Lana wore when she played a sold-out show in Montreal back in May. Trimmed with ivory lace, the '70s floral frock looks like a dead ringer for something Mia Farrow would have worn during her heyday. The dress is also signed by the singer under the collar which helps to justify the inevitable splurge. Plus, proceeds go toward Annos Africa, a UK-based charity that funds educational art projects in the Nairobi slums. So, Lana's influence aside, the auction is very worthwhile.

The sale doesn't kick off until September 4, which means you have plenty of time to save up. And be prepared: You know LDR fans will be camping out on eBay for this one.