Angel Could Return As One Of The Four Horsemen In 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

Writer Simon Kinberg explains how.

The teaser at the end of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" not only set up the villain for "X-Men: Apocalypse," but also his acolytes, the Four Horsemen.

Readers who know the rotating quartet of villains from the comic books are likely familiar with a few of the group's most famous members, arguably chief among them, Warren Worthington III, a.k.a. Angel, who served as Death for Apocalypse.

But since Ben Foster appeared as Angel in "X-Men: Last Stand," set during the modern day, does that rule him out of the '80s-set "Apocalypse"?

Not quite, says writer Simon Kinberg.

When I spoke with Kinberg at San Diego Comic-Con, he first made clear that they haven't announced who the Four Horsemen will be, but he did explain how the implications of "Days of Future Past" open up the possibilities for the roster.

"I would say in terms of making any character decisions on 'Apocalypse' is, we set back the clock on 'Days of Future Past,' so a lot could have changed from that point in 1973 forward, meaning people could have been born earlier," Kinberg said. "The whole world changed after those events. Things that were represented even 'X1' and 'X2' and 'X3' wouldn't have happened in quite the same way."

So that means Worthington could have been born earlier after "Days of Future Past" or even look entirely different.

Either way, it means that Archangel could ride with Apocalypse when the next "X-Men" movie hits on May 27, 2016.