The 9 Best 'Batman' Universe Cosplay Characters at San Diego Comic-Con

Bearded Bruce, batarangs and a few badass Batgirls.

One look at the San Diego Comic-Con floor told you all you needed to know: everybody is super pumped for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." From the merch booths to the concession stands to pretty much everywhere the eye could see, there were "Batman" universe cosplayers everywhere. In all their glorious GIF forms, check out our favs.

1. Batman and Robin battle it out for the spotlight.

2. Never mess with Batgirl and her batarangs.

3. Ready to spread her bat wings and fly.

4. Cardio exercises are key when fighting crime in Gotham City.

5. This Batman auditioned for Ben Affleck's role.

6. Poison Ivy wants to give you a kiss (of death).

7. Harley Quinn has something on her mind.

8. Riddle me this, riddle me that...

9. Are you feeling lucky with this Two Face?