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Man Claims That Doctors Mistakenly Amputated His Penis

He just wanted a circumcision, but surgeons allegedly cut deeper than the foreskin.

In what could be described as a real bonehead move, doctors at Alabama's Princeton Baptist Medical Center accidentally removed a man's penis, he claims in a malpractice lawsuit:

The patient's attorney says that he'd gone to the center for a routine circumcision to prevent an infection, but instead of removing just the tip, the doctors amputated the whole thing. "The family was given no reason, rationale or medical purpose behind the amputation," said the lawyer, who says his client is going through "pure hell...absolute devastation."

A spokesperson for Baptist Health System told reporters that the claims were "non-meritorious," and the hospital would "defend all counts aggressively." I'm no legal expert, but sounds like they believe he still has a penis and is just being a dick.