These 13 Superhero And Villain Cosplay GIFS Continue The Battle Of Good Vs. Evil

At San Diego Comic-Con, everyone wins.

The eternal battle between superheroes and villains raged on at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Check out these 13 epic cosplay costumes, and decide who wins the fight this year.

1. Lady Flash to the rescue.

2. Apocalypse rising.

3. Lady Deathstrike and Magneto make the cutest couple.

4. Black Widow is ready for action.

5. A Storm is coming.

6. It's hammer time for Harley Quinn.

7. Hawkgirl lookin' fly as always.

8. This Green Arrow hits the mark.

9. Rorschach passes the test.

10. The X-Men, bro edition.

11. Raven taking flight away from the crowd.

12. The Lasso of Truth will get you.

13. Thor and Mjolnir are ready to throw down!