6 Celebrities Who Fooled Comic-Con Crowds With Cosplay

Did you see DanRadSpider-Man?

For the celebrities who appear at San Diego Comic-Con, the fan fest is mostly work, but that doesn't mean they don't want to hit the floor and look at the booths like everyone else.

So the stars have been getting creative with masks and costumes to blend in with the rest of Comic-Con attendees. Last year, Bryan Cranston famously dressed as Walter White to walk the floor incognito.

This year, there were even more celebrity cosplayers, so find out who went as what below!

Daniel Radcliffe walked the floor of the exhibit hall for his very first Comic-Con dressed as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Still don't believe me?

Peter Jackson posted a few pictures to his Facebook of him walking around Comic-Con as a scary jester.

Peter Jackson/Facebook

Jack Black dressed as a stormtrooper because all he wanted was for the crowds to "leave a guy alone to buy some figurines."

I'm pretty sure Samuel L. Jackson is kidding, but the disguise is nonetheless effective.

All of these were good, but Audriana Patridge took her cosplay to the next level.

Guillermo Del Toro wasn't quite as successful, but he gave it his best.