The Internet Was Created So We Could Watch This Puppy And Baby Cuddle

So cute that I'm having an existential crisis.

There's two things that are almost equal amount of cute on the Internet Scale of Cuteness: a puppy and a baby. Now, cats have their own domain as well and we'll give them that. But puppies and babies have this sense of innocence and sweetness that makes them endlessly irresistible.

Which is why watching this Pitbull puppy named Clyde climb up and cuddle with brand new baby Eisleigh is almost too much for my heart to handle.

It may be only a fifteen second clip, but it's enough to call the entire universe and our role in it into perspective. This ten week old baby and eight week old puppy are so adorable and so in love that it seems like we have reached the pinnacle of cute internet culture.

Could the relationship between this delightfully cute odd couple be our crowning moment??

I'll say it: Clyde and Eisleigh are the reason that the internet was ever created. It's all downhill from here folks. So put that video on repeat, make some gifs, and get to weeping. Which second is your favorite? Mine's right around 11.