Every Celeb At Comic-Con Wanted A Pic With Benedict Cumberbatch

I think we found the most popular kid at summer camp.

Look, it's a pretty well-known fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is having what you might call a "moment" right now. He's in like a zillion upcoming Oscar-bait movies, he has a literal Internet army that would commit murder for him, and he's just generally really freaking talented, so it works.

But what we didn't quite realize until San Diego Comic-Con -- Cumberbatch's first -- was that the rest of Hollywood was Cumber-foaming at the mouth just like the rest of us normals. Even if he wasn't announced as Doctor Strange, every single lesser celebrity mortal still really wanted photographic proof that they were once in the same room with him.

Basically what we're saying is -- stars, they're just like us!

Well, of course all of Benedict's "Hobbit" costars needed a group shot.

It's a rite of passage.

But then everybody needed their own separate pic.


Like Andy Serkis.


And Evangeline Lilly.


And Lee Pace.

The best was when everybody wanted their own selfie and Ben was all, "meh."

"You know what, Orlando? I think I'm good. Running a bit low on memory."

Well, of course "Talking Dead" host Chris Hardwick got a photo op.

Hardwick gets everything. Just give him all the talk shows.

And MTV News' own Josh Horowitz.

(Humble brag, slash, I'm living vicariously through you.)

The "Arrow" cast got some Cumberbatch in as well.

Colton Haynes is dying on the inside.

Including Mr. Arrow himself, Stephen Amell.

We imagine Amell is saying, "Bro, do you even lift?"

John Barrowman was SUPER psyched for this "Doctor Who"/"Sherlock" crossover.

He captioned the shot, "@SDCC @PaulBlackthorne and #BenedictCumberbatch and Me!! SQEEE!!! jb" (Never change, Captain Jack.)

While John Malkovich kept his cool


Hollywood legends do not fangirl -- on the outside, at least.

As did the typically classy Penguin of Madagascar.


Hollywood royalty does not fangirl -- on the outside, at least.

But do you know what the best part is? Benedict was psyched to take a selfie with you, too!

We're ALL important to Benedict. Each and every one of us.