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The 8 Best Celebrity Bromances At Comic-Con

Bros in the same area code.

One of the best things about San Diego Comic-Con is that all of our favorite celebrities can come together in a crazy, social setting. No stuffy Oscar parties here, just tons of comics, fans, and fun.

Because of that, it's the perfect environment to showcase blossoming celebrity bromances, some of which you could probably guess, and some of which are brand new. Here are some of our favorites from the floor.

1. "Walking Dead" Bros Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus

Is this part of the Ricktatorship? Cause we want in.

2. Vampire Bros Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

The "Vampire Diaries" stars are known for their show bromance, but showed it was in full effect in real life too. And if you didn't fast forward to the good part of that video, here you go.

I'd say you're welcome, but I know you already melted.

3. Genius Bros Guillermo Del Toro and George Miller

Hold on. My inner nerd is freaking out. Can't breathe ... from the awesomeness.

4. "Avengers" Bros Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth

Ruffalo and Hemsworth

Who wins in this fight of muscles? We do. All of us.

Actually, the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" panel had no shortage of bromances. Just check out Chris Evans fondling Aaron Taylor-Johnson...

Evans and Johnson

And Robert Downey, Jr. looking pretty bro-y with new arch nemesis Josh Brolin.

Downey Jr. and Brolin

Really, the Avengers look like the most awesome fraternity ever.

5. Super "Flash" Bros Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell

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Looks like cupid struck them both with his (green) arrow.

6. Panel Bros Channing Tatum and Chris Hardwick

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Oh come on Hardwick. Stop making us jealous. Next thing we know you'll be hugging it out.


7. Bros Of The Ring Elijah Wood and Andy Serkis

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This is a bromance that has withstood the test of time, starting way back in 2002, and it still hasn't lost that magic! Just look at how they mimic each other's mannerisms.

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Their bromance leaves Sam and Frodo's in the dust.

8. Wolf Pack Bros Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien

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This might be the ultimate bromance. Proof? At the "Teen Wolf" panel, Posey said they "make out all the time," while O’Brien only slightly dashed those hopes by saying, “We don’t make out. We just sit next to each other in our underwear.”

BONUS BROS: Pool Bros Bane and Scarecrow

Bane was born in the dark ... which is why he desperately needs that tan.