Samuel L. Jackson Thinks Comic-Con Fans Are The 'Lifeblood' Of The Movie Business

'Everything's not about winning the Academy Award. We're entertainers.'

Samuel L. Jackson isn't just the star of movies that Comic-Con fans love, he's a fan of the fans that love them. While at San Diego Comic-Con, the frequent Comic-Con attendee talked mutual love when it comes to his films' audience.

"We actually do something that means something to people. I'm a huge action film fan and I read comics and I'm an anime fan, I'm a manga fan," Jackson told MTV News. "And I know what these people feel like being here, being able to dress up and getting as close as they can to us."

Plus, as Jackson points out, these are the films that got him excited as a kid: "I could sit in the movie theater all day with all these other people who were excited to see what was there, and that's what these people are."

And while Comic-Con-loved films aren't annual Oscars winners, Jackson contends they are integral in the movie biz.

"It makes us feel like we've done something that gets them excited, that makes us feel like, OK, everything's not about winning the Academy Award," he said. "We're entertainers, and these are the people that are actually the lifeblood of the movie business, these are the guys that fill up the theaters on Saturday and Friday night and make sure that those box office(s) ring and that we're able to do a sequel."

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