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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Actually Responded To This Girl's Wedding Invitation

Unfortunately, the justice will be in Santa Fe for the ceremony.

Staci Zaretsky wanted to invite everyone who'd made an impact on her life to her upcoming wedding. For Staci, a law graduate who now writes for the legal website Above The Law, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of those people.

Although they had no personal relationship, Staci was determined to invite the second ever female Supreme Court Justice to her wedding. So she posted off the invitation and thought she probably wouldn't hear back.

But she was wrong.

Above The Law

When a law school graduate invites Ruth Bader Ginsburg to her wedding, Ruth send a polite letter explaining why she can't make it, of course.

"Every best wish for life's most important partnership," the justice wrote. "I will be in Santa Fe on your wedding day, but appreciate your invitation and spirit-lifting note."

Clearly, Staci was over the moon about the response:

As if we needed more proof of how bad ass RBG is! I mean, her recent Hobby Lobby dissent was so inspiring that someone turned it into a song. Then of course, there's the "Notorious R.B.G" merch.

This is just another heartwarming example of celebrities and public figures reaching out to their fans on a personal level. In her own post, Staci noted that even though Ruth responded, plenty of her own friends have yet to send in their own RSVPs! Their excuses for this laziness better hold up in a court of law.