This App Lets You Turn Your Own Face Into An Emoji

Along with, you know, any other image in the world.

Technology is amazing. Just a few short years ago, we didn't even know what emoijs really were. Now that they've become a cultural force, the world of the emoji continues to expand. Take this incredible new app Imoji for instance, it lets you turn any image—from the web or your own photo library—into an emoji.

The app was created by six friends who were fed up with the restricted confines of existing emojis. Those troubling diversity problems that Apple was facing? This solves that. Simply upload your own face with whatever emotion you want expressed, then pop it into your text conversations! Voilà, diversity abounds.


The app builds on top of Apple's own iMessage system, instead of attempting to create its own separate messaging app. Aka it works with what you already use to communicate with your friends the most often.

From selfies to pets, you now control your own emoji destiny. My friends are constantly complaining about their favorite products, foods, celebrities and icons that don't exist in emoji form. Now, literally anything your heart desires can be emoji. You can also make your images private so they belong only to your, or public, so everyone else can adopt them too.

This is the future. Download the app here.