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'The Vampire Diaries': Watch The Hilarious Season 6 Comic-Con Trailer

Damon is dead, Mystic Falls is deadly, and we can't wait.

When we last left Elena and the rest of the "Vampire Diaries" gang, things were quite literally in shambles. The Other Side was destroyed -- leaving Damon and Bonnie erased from the face of the earth -- Tyler was human again, Alaric was alive, and everyone's favorite supernatural town, Mystic Falls, could no longer support supernatural life.

Basically, needless to say, this fall's upcoming reboot season brings with it a ton of anticipation -- which is why fans were simultaneously thrilled and exasperated when the show debuted a "trailer" (note quotation marks) instead of a trailer during its panel on Saturday. The "footage" is absolutely hilarious -- Ian Somerhalder's dig at his "Lost" fate, and Nina Dobrev shading Somerhalder's failed "Fifty Shades of Grey" campaigning stand out -- but alas, there's no actual trailer for season six. Yet.

Still, this amazingness is 100 percent worth your watch:

"The Vampire Diaries" will return with all new episodes on October 2.