'Warcraft' Comic-Con Teaser Gives Us All The Kings And Monsters We Could Ever Need

Legendary also revealed a motion logo for the flick.

Duncan Jones, director of "Warcraft," made a return to San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H for the second year in a row. Last year, he popped out at the Legendary panel to show off concept art and announce that "Warcraft" was happening. This year, he had a bit more to show, having finished filming only two months ago. The movie, featuring all kinds of non-humans and crazy magic, will require a large amount of post-production wizardry.

"It is such a technical challenge," Jones said of the film.

Nonetheless, Jones was able to deliver a short tease of the film, featuring quick shots of kings and warriors of both the human and orc varieties, while dramatic voiceovers framed the conflict the movie will depict.

"Our home is destroyed, there is nothing to go back to," one intoned, while another asked, "Is war the only answer?"

This one is going to be epic, we can already tell.

To tide us over until the teaser footage hits the web, Legendary released a brand new motion logo for the film. Check it out below.

"Warcraft" will hit theaters March 11, 2016.