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Rihanna Is Now Safe From A Seriously Creepy Stalker

The stalker claimed that Rihanna, Jay Z and Kanye ripped off his 'material.' Uh, okay.

Yikes! Rihanna was reportedly getting threatening letters from a homeless man in New York who thinks he has a personal relationship with her—but she’s safe from him for now.

53-year-old Kevin Mcglynn was arrested for stalking and harassing the star with a slew of insulting letters. According to the New York Daily News, Mcglynn was going to Rihanna’s Soho apartment to hand-deliver these letters. In the letters, he repeatedly called her a "b---h," and also threatened to “bum rush" her apartment—whatever that means.

But it doesn't stop there. In July alone, Mcglynn was caught on tape delivering these messages on three different occasions to one of Rihanna's employees. On the man's third visit of the month (July 11), he left behind a benefits card with his personal information on it, and it was this information that helped the cops identify and arrest him.

Aside from hand-delivering his creepy letters, Mcglynn, who’s been arrested more than 12 times—including four times for trespassing—also mailed letters to Rih Rih in California.

Rihanna wasn’t the only artist Mcglynn bad-mouthed. In his arraignment, he also also claimed that Jay Z and Kanye West joined Rihanna in ripping off his “material." And he didn’t stop with the artists—he also argued with Judge Abraham Clott at the hearing, asserting that the judge he was “lying” when Clott told him he couldn’t represent himself.

Attorney James Vincour argued that the letters Mcglynn delivered talk about a “personal relationship... that simply doesn’t exist." Obviously, Mcglynn's behavior made Rihanna fearful for her personal safety, and for now, Mcglynn is being held without bail at Manhattan Criminal Court.

My verdict? Don't mess with Rihanna. She's probably still chilling with some soccer players in Brazil anyway.

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