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'Arrow' Season 3 Trailer: Olicity's Deadly Date And 9 Other Insane Reveals

Roy Palmer, Vertigo, and every other crazy moment you might have missed.

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow.

From "The Walking Dead" to "Mockingjay" and now this, San Diego Comic-Con has been an overabundance of wealth when it comes to heart-stopping new footage.

"Arrow," still fresh off its pretty perfect second season, released a first-look trailer for season three on Friday (July 25) -- and it's safe to say that fans of the show are now officially dying for October 8th. Below, the 10 can't miss, insane reveals from the new "Arrow" trailer:

1. Felicity And Oliver Go On A Date...

We already knew that Oliver and Felicity were going to finally give it a shot, but this footage (thankfully) gave us an actual peek at the date itself -- and when the fact that Oliver's maniac ex encouraged it isn't the craziest part, you know this epic romance is going to get good.

2. ... That Seemingly Ends In Blood.

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Except maybe not. Later in the trailer, we see a still dressed-up Oliver standing over Felicity's lifeless, bloodied body, which heavily suggests that chaos will reign when our two favorite characters try to actually be happy.

3. Oliver's Catchphrase Returns...

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Oliver was a killer season one and a burgeoning hero season two, but what will he be during season three? Err, that depends -- the fact that his pre-killing tagline, "you have failed this city," seems to make its return after his big date has us a bit worried.

4. ... And So Does His Flashback Hair.

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What we're less worried and more happy about is the fact that Oliver's intense, Hong Kong flashback drama this year will mean the return of the best, most douchiest hair on television.

5. Amanda Waller And Vertigo Are Threats To The Arrow...

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One "Arrow" villain, Count Vertigo, is back and better than ever with a new face. Vertigo 1.0, who was played by Seth Gabel, died at the hands of Mr. Queen -- but a new dealer of the dangerous street drug, played by Peter Stormare, made his big debut on Friday. "Some things never die," he says to Oliver. "You, for example."

Woah. With Vertigo in Oliver's present and Amanda Waller saying things like "you should know that it's extremely easy to kill someone the world already thinks is dead" in his past, it looks like this should be the most villain-heavy "Arrow" season yet. And this is without seeing Katana or (technically) Atom, whose goodness levels have yet to be revealed.

6. ... But Maybe So Is Diggle?!?!

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We do not like this, not one bit. With a baby on the way, producers have confirmed that Diggle will have some serious issues with Team Arrow this season.

7. Superman Has A New Face...


Erstwhile big-screen Superman Brandon Routh will make his grand debut as Ray Palmer, a rival bidder for Queen Consolidated, in October. His character SHOULD eventually become The Atom, but his true reasons for coming to Starling City are yet unknown.

8. ... And So Does Roy Harper.

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Routh's introduction was pretty cool, but it was Colton Haynes' re-introduction as Arsenal that really got fans going. His costume had been revealed earlier in the week, but this was our first look at Roy Harper -- who had a pretty rough season two -- fighting (we hope) alongside Oliver, in action.

9. Laurel And Quentin Lance Are On The Up-And-Up...

Phew. So, not only are we not going to have to endure a season of piling on Laurel, we'll get to see her thrive -- same goes for Detective Lance, who isn't so much a Detective anymore but the freaking Captain. When we last saw him he was dying in his daughter's arms, so the story of how this came to pass should definitely be interesting...

10. ... And, Uh-Oh, So Is Sara!

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We're glad to see the Black Canary joking about her short absence, because that was everybody else's response when we heard that Caity Lotz was making her grand return after being away for... oh, zero episodes.

Still, as impermanent as her huge departure last year ended up being, it is exciting that she's coming back -- mostly because there's a time jump, which gave her plenty of -- well, time -- to get into trouble with the League of Assassins. Could this finally lead to the appearance of Ra's al Ghul!?