'Batman V Superman' Isn't Getting Any Help From 'Dark Knight Returns' Writer

Frank Miller's serves as a major influence for the film.

It's no secret that "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" takes a lot of inspiration from Frank Miller's seminal, "The Dark Knight Returns" - from the older, weathered Batman with short ears to his armored throw-down with the Man of Steel.

But according to Miller, who I spoke with at San Diego Comic-Con, he has no inside information about the upcoming in film. In fact, no one from the production has even talked to him about it.

Since "The Dark Knight Returns" exists, and it can be borrowed from, it's a little surprising that Miller hasn't had any conversations about the film, but the comic writer and artist doesn't seem that shocked.

He'd just wouldn't mind a new car as thanks.

Miller explained that for years people have told that movies borrowed from his vision of Batman, but he personally gives credit to the writers who came before him.