This New Trailer For Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' Is The Walrus

Walrus-related nightmares ahead.

We're not a thousand percent sure whether we're terrified or deeply in love with the trailer for Kevin Smith's "Tusk" (feels like both, to be real), but we're certainly intrigued.

Smith wrote and directed the film, in which an often-screaming Justin Long plays a podcaster who is captured by an eccentric (Michael Parks) who is hellbent on turning him into a human walrus. As we've already seen on Smith's instagram, that includes yanking out his teeth and sewing his arms to his body to make flippers.

Smith introduced the trailer last night during his annual San Diego Comic-Con chat in Hall H. As the story goes, Smith was inspired to write "Tusk" after finding an ad about a man who offered free room and board, so long as that boarder dressed up as a walrus on the regs.

“Six months after I got the inspiration on that podcast I was sitting on a set shouting ‘Action’ and Justin Long was dressed up as a walrus," Smith said. "I proudly share with you a trailer for what I feel is like the best movie I ever made.”

We're especially into the part where Parks and Long literally scream back and forth at each other.

What do you think? Does "Tusk" top "Clerks" and Smith's other offerings? We'll have to see. One thing is for sure: Weird walrus nightmares ahead.

"Tusk" hits theaters September 19.