This Dog Fainting From Joy Is Our Spirit Animal

What being overcome with joy literally looks like.

Guys, what is it about dogs? They're the best creature on earth right? There's no pet that's more cuddly, adorable, loyal, and emotional than a dog. Like what other animal on the face of the planet would miss someone so much that it FAINTED after seeing her for the first time in two years? Only a dog.

Yup, 9-year-old schnauzer named Casey literally fainted from joy when she saw her owner, Rebecca Ehalt. Ehalt now lives in Slovenia, but when she returned to her parent's home in Pennsylvania for a scheduled wedding reception, Casey lost it. Rushing up to her owner and whining in a pitch so high it's almost alarming, the schnauzer is so overwhelmed with happiness upon seeing Rebecca, that she actually loses her ability to stand.

Did you miss it? Here let me be break it down for you–here's the dog hitting the ground.


And one more time.


This dog is better than any cat the internet has ever loved. She's so full of love she fainted, is a cat even capable of feeling love that deep? This might be the peak example of the dog as (Wo)Man's Best Friend. The owners noted in the video description that they took Casey to the vet to make sure everything was okay and she is fine.

Love on Casey, love on.