Austin Mahone Goes Country? Here’s What Happened At His Tour Kick-Off

MTV News checks out the first night of the Austin Mahone Tour with the Vamps and Fifth Harmony.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — All of a sudden, San Antonio went deaf with the shrill chorus of screaming Mahomies. But it wasn’t because Austin Mahone or British openers The Vamps were onstage – that would come later. Nope, just a regular-looking gray-haired dude in a blue polo walked to his seat on the floor of the Freeman Coliseum.

I had to ask why everyone was freaking out, so I turned to the girls behind me.

“That’s Austin’s grandpa!” cried one Mahomie. Baffled, I wondered how anyone even knew what Austin Mahone’s grandfather even looked like.

“I’m a huge Mahomie,” she answered, as if that explained everything. And I suppose it did. Austin’s Aunt Lisa was there, too, I was informed.

Austin Mahone kicked off the beginning of his very own tour Friday night (July 25) in his hometown, where idol and fans alike soaked up every ounce of that Texas pride. Toting signs saying “Where It All Began,” fans from age 9 to the dads that brought them came out to support their hometown hero, who won MTV’s VMA for Artist to Watch last year.

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