Theo Wenner/Rolling Stone

Confirmed: No Part Of Lana Del Rey Tastes Like Cola


It's pretty common in romantic literature to prescribe unrealistic flavors to body parts. "Her lips tasted like honey!" "His skin tasted like cinnamon!" However, the analogy that kicks off Lana Del Rey's "Cola" is, um, pretty unconventional -- and packed with artificial flavoring.

For those who haven't given the jam, off of Paradise, a listen, the lyric goes: "My p---y tastes like Pepsi-Cola/ My eyes are wide like cherry pies." I guess we know where Lana comes out on that whole Pepsi/Coke debate.

According to interview outtakes posted Friday (July 25) by Rolling Stone -- scraps left over from their cover story on the "Ultraviolence" singer -- the line was not meant to be taken literally. (Happy to hear it. We were going to suggest you call your OBGYN, Lana.)

Apparently, the lyric was inspired by Del Rey's Scottish ex-boyfriend. "He was talking about American girls, his vision of American girls was that all their p---ies tasted like Pepsi-Cola, and that they were such a dream," Del Rey told Rolling Stone. "I thought that was the funniest f---ing thing I'd ever heard. And I thought, 'Well...'"

Unsurprisingly, one half of her parental unit was not down with the jam. "My dad thought 'Cola' was funny," she said. "My mom didn't think it was that funny."

I wonder what they think of "F---ed My Way Up To The Top."